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Cheryl Lynch Simpson, CMRW, ACRW


Cheryl Lynch Simpson, CMRW, ACRW



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Cheryl Lynch Simpson is a Career, Job Search, and LinkedIn Coach and Master Resume Writer who has earned 21 global resume writing awards (TORIs) throughout her 30-year resume writing career. With a reputation for creating stellar resume writing designs and coaching her clients on cutting-edge job search strategies, Cheryl guides her clients to land new roles in 1 to 3 months.

Specializing in serving cross-industry mid-career, mid-management, and senior executive clients, including C-suite leaders and board members, Cheryl is a high-profile blogger in the career management industry whose articles have appeared on Forbes, CareerRealism, Career Directors International, and Career Thought Leaders. In addition, she has been interviewed as a career management expert for CIO.com, US News & World Report, Fast Company, and Yahoo!

Cheryl shares her expertise with clients via her proprietary executive online job search program. This one-of-a-kind coaching program includes 24/7 access to a mobile-ready, cloud-based program that guides executives through development of their Job Search Marketing Plan. Additional modules steer them through execution of their marketing plan with the help of weekly laser phone coaching and web-based check-ins. The result, when combined with gentle accountability reminders and communications tracking enables executives to conduct a best-in-class job search on their own terms.

There are no classes to schedule or attend and homework is constrained to an absolute minimum. This lean program teaches executives what they need to know without expecting them to become job search experts. Perfect for insanely busy professionals with too little time to design their transition, her Executive COMPASS program is designed to help senior leaders build and sustain momentum in their career search via “Golden Rule” networking, company targeting, spot opportunities, and thought leadership campaigns.

With additional credentials as a Get Clear, Get Found, Get Hired Coach, a Certified Online Professional Networking Strategist (LinkedIn), a 360 Reach Analyst, and a certified Business Ghostwriter, Cheryl offers her clients a wide range of wrap-around support, including brand refinement, thought leadership ghostwriting, and thought leadership campaign design.

Cheryl offers a complimentary "Polish Your Executive Profile" audio to visitors at ExecutiveResumeRescue.com. She also frequently gives away helpful tools and worksheets on her BrandYou Blog.


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