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Charlotte Weeks, CCMC


Charlotte Weeks, CCMC

Weeks Career Services, Inc.

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Charlotte Weeks, CCMC, CJSS, NCRW, CPRW, specializes in helping executives find meaning in their work and advance in their careers. Clients include both individual job seekers and companies offering outplacement services to their employees.

Prior to beginning Weeks Career Services, Inc., Charlotte worked in human resources at a large national association. Active in multiple organizations, she now frequently serves as a career expert in the media. Outlets have included The Wall Street Journal, NBCNews.com, NBC Chicago, Time Magazine, Forbes, WGN-TV, and CareerBuilder.com.

Charlotte can help you:

- Find the best career and company fit for your skills, interests, lifestyle, and goals.
- Improve your chances of getting called in for an interview by developing a job search strategy and marketing materials.
- Expand your network through LinkedIn, Twitter, and recruiters. This is especially helpful for job seekers looking to relocate.
- Increase your odds of getting a job offer (and the maximum salary!) by ensuring you're fully prepared for interviews.
- Differentiate yourself from the competition by developing your personal brand and articulating your unique value proposition.

Charlotte has helped hundreds of people take their careers to the next level.

Charlotte Weeks is a dual-certified career coach and resume writer with a background in human resources. Charlotte leverages her HR knowledge and extensive network to keep up with the latest hiring trends. She has a passion for helping clients create opportunities when it seems as if no one is hiring. She also helps them explore new career options, establish a distinctive personal brand, develop an effective job search strategy, and chart a path for future success.

An active industry contributor, Charlotte is past president of The National Resume Writers' Association, and is a member of the Career Thought Leaders and Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.


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