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Anne Kern, ACRW


Anne Kern, ACRW

ReachHire Resume Service

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Anne Kern is the founder of ReachHire Resume Service. As a professional resume writer, she has helped numerous clients reach their employment goals by transforming their existing resumes into high-impact marketing tools that get noticed by potential employers.

Anne understands that resumes must be custom written and designed for each individual. Cookie-cutter templates and canned statements will not effectively market clients in this highly competitive job market. For each client, she uncovers hidden talents and accomplishments associated with their employment objective.These highlights are then showcased to demonstrate the unique benefits her client can offer to the potential employer.

She is also current on the latest technologies potential employers use to find qualified candidates. Cover letters, executive biographies, LinkedIn profile creation, and career assessments are just some of the many services she offers. Her business is built around getting her clients the interviews they desire and providing top-notch personalized service.

Why settle for a bland resume that does not fully communicate your value to an employer? The competition is tough in this job market. Making a great first impression with a strategically designed resume is paramount to your career success. Anne Kern, founder of ReachHire Resume Service, is not just a resume writer but a resume strategist. By combining her marketing and human resources experience and utilizing a comprehensive consultation technique, she can identify your relevant achievements and skills to create a powerful presentation that can get you noticed by potential employers.

As a former recruiter, Anne understands the current technologies and systems used to search and interview candidates. Whether you are a recent college graduate or senior level executive, having a professionally designed resume is essential. Anne can save you valuable time and diminish the frustration of having to create your own document.

No one is a number; Anne offers personalized service and guides you through the entire virtual process. Additionally, she can provide behavioral career assessments, resume distributions to qualified recruiters, and LinkedIn profile creation to further market your credentials. So why not shred your old lackluster resume and start fresh? A professionally designed resume could be the spark you need to ignite your career!


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