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Anita Radosevich, CFRW


Anita Radosevich, CFRW

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Anita Radosevich is a skilled career coach with over 15+ years of experience. Expert Career Transition Coach and Resume Writer. She has assisted many civilian and military individuals for over 15 years. She understands the needs of individuals seeking career transition from one position to another.

She will begin with the initial evaluation of their current background and assist them with decision-making to determine a new career based on research and evaluation. From that point on she will be able to interview the individual to extract new skill sets and match the new career target. After the interview then begins an extensive creative writing project to develop an innovative resume that will help the reader or hiring manager see that he/she has found the right individual for the job "love at first sight" response.

Anita helps people in transition to accentuate their quantifiable accomplishments, competencies, and experiences to be reflected in prospective employers as the perfect job fit.

Anita empowers her clients to increase their chances to obtain positive results before, during, and after the interview.

BBB Accredited Business / BBB Rated A+/Veteran-Owned Business


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