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  • Reveal Your Expertise as a Career Coaching Expert
    • * Highlight your knowledge and expertise in the career coaching industry and how you  help your clients move forward in their job search in your member profile. An excellent opportunity to fill them in on how you can be a solution to the challenges they’re facing and the results they can get from working with you.
    • * Establish your credibility, reputation, and trustworthiness as a career coaching expert by building the “know, like, and trust” factor with your target audience.
    • *Take advantage of the unlimited opportunities to share your career articles with thousands of job seekers reading our posted member articles. We average 7K visitors each month and career articles draw in more than 85% of our organic website traffic! Job seekers also get access to your Profile with each article you submit.
  • Personally Connect with Potential Clients
    • * Your Member Profile includes a personalized audio welcome message, giving job seekers (potential clients!) an opportunity to learn more about you as an industry expert and how you’re able to help them down the path to career success.
    • * Your  also have the option to include a welcome video and your YouTube channel in your Member Profile to support building your brand online.
  • Promote Your Career Podcast & Job Search Workshops
    • * Attract more job seekers to your Career Podcast (NEW!) and promote your workshops and job search training programs on our training resource page.
  • Free Business-Building Training Workshops
    • * Attend free training workshops presented by business coaches and marketing experts!
  • LinkedIn Intro & Network Exposure
    • * Your affiliation with our elite TCE network is announced to our LinkedIn network, company page, and job search groups we belong to.
    • * We also share your articles on LinkedIn—the top online career networking platform where professionals and active job seekers spend their time!
  • Publication Opportunities
    • * Online magazine publishers and authors periodically inquire input from our career expert network to contribute to their publications and members are immediately notified with details.
  • Private Facebook Community
    • * Interact with your colleagues to get help, support, and feedback whenever you need it while at the same time returning the favor. Our Facebook group is exclusive and open to TCE Members only.
  • TCE Member Logo
    • * Authorized use of our company logo on your company website and social media accounts to indicate your affiliation with The Career Experts elite network certified career service professionals.
  • Free subscription to our CareerExpertsOnline (CEO) e-Zine.
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