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Membership does not expire. Partner Coaches keep 100% of sales resulting from client leads generated from our website.
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Member Benefits

  • Member Profile Listing: Headshot photo, website link, social media outlets, company blog, video posting section, Skype, and listing of your submitted articles.
  • Customized Personal Profile: Highlight your strengths and aptitude in helping job seekers establish realistic goals, discover solutions to challenges they face, develop action plans, etc.—revealing your expertise in the career coaching industry and what results they can expect from working with you.
  • Welcome Message Audio: Member profiles include your picture and 1-2 minute audio, allowing you to make a personal connection with potential clients viewing your profile summary and interested in hearing more about you and the career services you provide.
  • Unlimited Article Submissions: Reveal your expertise as a career coach and share what you know about today’s competitive job market, providing solutions to problems your target audience faces. Establish the “know, like, and trust” factor with your readers—build your credibility as a career coaching expert. (Member profile button displayed below article title.)
  • Thousands of job seekers visit our site each month and TCE articles draw in more than 85% of our highly organic website traffic!
  • Articles shared on social media (LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook), extending your online reach with even more potential clients!
  • Articles featured in our CEO eZine along with your photo and direct member profile link.
  • Workshop Presentations: Showcase your expertise by presenting complimentary On-Demand job seeker training. We host, manage, and facilitate your presentation. Workshops are announced and shared on social media once it becomes available on our site. The 30-60 minute presentations are pre-recorded.
  • NEW:  Monthly Virtual Meet-Up Meetings: We have 60-minute meetings the 2nd Wednesday of each month via Zoom. Opportunity network and build relationships with colleagues and provide a safe space for members to get help and guidance with challenges they’re having while at the same time brainstorm and share ideas, and get questions answered. (Not coaching or training sessions.)
  • Invited to attend business building and development training/workshops at no additional cost. Access to all workshop training replays, handouts, and special reports via our Member-Only Resources area.
  • Publication Opportunities: Online magazine publishers and authors inquire input from our career expert network to contribute to their publications periodically and members are notified with details.
  • NEW:  Private access to our exclusive Facebook Group for TCE Partners only. Staying connected with your colleagues and getting help and support you whenever you need it while at the same time returning the favor. It’s a safe space to share information and resources and an excellent opportunity to really get to know your colleagues and build relationships.
  • Special introduction and welcome post on LinkedIn and to our LinkedIn network of your partner and membership with TCE.
  • Free subscription to our CareerExpertsOnline (CEO) e-Zine.

Are you certified in career coaching and resume writing? We have a package for you!

If you want to be included in both network databases, we offer a special rate. Select Career Coach + Resume Writer when filling out the application form.