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What Makes TCE Different?

We Care,  We Support  &  We Promote Certified Career Coaches

TCE unites job seekers who want career expert advice, guidance, and career management support with certified career professionals. We make it very easy for them to learn and connect with you as a credentialed career coach.

  • We provide you with the care, support, and guidance to get out there in a bigger way to help you grow and authentically build your career coaching business.
  • Career coaches must be certified by at least one nationally recognized coaching organization supporting the career coaching industry to become a member coach of TCE’s elite network.
  • Our platform is designed to market and promote your career service business and position you to connect with potential clients while building genuine relationships.
  • Integrity is important. All TCE members agree and adhere to our Code of Ethics.

We  Support  You  100%

Uniting Job Seekers & Career Coaches

We help job seekers understand the benefits and value of working with a credentialed career coach. Connecting them with you is just the beginning!

Private Coaching

If you’ve been in business for some time or just opened your doors and seek individual help, learn more about our private coaching.

Turn Potential Leads into Retained Clients

The business market is more competitive than ever. Characterize yourself and your service offerings through our robust network.

Success Stories & Testimonials

Membership Levels

TCE’s platform is strategically designed to help get you out there in a bigger way, boosting your career coaching business and bringing you more qualified clients leads and better prospects! TCE is ideal for career coaches who want to expand their reach, share their expertise, and willing to step out of their comfort zone a bit (with support of course!) to get out there in a bigger way so they can grow their business.  Join Today  30-Day “No Questions Asked” Guarantee.

$ 37per month


SAVE 15% with Annual Membership

  • NO pay-per-click fees. You keep 100% of sales that result from the client leads generated by your member listing with us.
  • Customized member profile page to provide information about you and your business to  draw in job seekers and motivate them to contact you directly, and link listing of your article submissions. Your photo is also included.
  • Audio “Welcome” message to directly from you, bringing in the personal factor! It’s a 2-minute audio added to your member profile (we help you record), allowing you to make a personal connection with potential clients who are interested in your services.
  • Prospects/Job seekers have direct access to your member profile and business contact information, including articles you’ve written for
  • Full List of Standard Member Benefits

Are You a Certified Career Coach & Resume Writer? We have a package for you!

If you wish to be listed in our database network as a member coach and member writer, we offer a special rate. Use the APPLY NOW button to access the membership application form and select the Career Coach + Resume Writer special package option.

The TCE Difference

Membership within our vibrant network serves the needs of credentialed career professionals in the following ways:

  • WE’RE PASSIONATE. With our expert guidance, our members can affordably and reliably grow and market their businesses while establishing and building their brand as a career expert.
  • WE’RE CONNECTED. The vast reach of our online resources draws in interested job seekers, who in turn become qualified client leads.
  • WE’RE SELECTIVE. We only allow verified certified career professionals into our exclusive membership network.
  • WE’RE EDUCATORS. We provide training from successful small business experts outside of the “careers” industry circle to broaden and develop the business building, marketing, and business management skills of our membership network.

Few people outside the industry understand the value of a certified, credentialed career professional—in fact, many don’t even know that such a thing exists! We built The Career Experts with the following goals in mind:

  • To connect individuals seeking professional career services with credentialed coaches and resume writers
  • To provide vast opportunities for certified coaches and writers to demonstrate their industry expertise
  • To offer job seekers expert-level career advice via resources from our highly skilled network of career professionals
  • To educate the public about the career coaching and resume writing industry

Career Coach Certifications

Member coaches are certified by one of these coaching organizations.

Career Directors International
Career Planning & Adult Development Network
Career Thought Leaders
Reach Personal Branding
World Coach Institute