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  • We have the tools and resources to increase your online visibility with your target audience while establishing your brand as an industry expert.
  • Our platform is exclusively designed to market and promote you as a certified career coach, your industry expertise, and the quality coaching services you provide.
  • You have unlimited opportunities to connect with job seekers in need of your career guidance and expert advice.
  • It’s easy for job seekers to find you based on what career coaching areas you specialize in and career levels you serve, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the value you offer your clients.
  • Join Our Online Community: Next Level Business! A business building and support network exclusive to career coaching and resume writing service professionals.

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We help job seekers understand the benefits and value of working with a certified career coach. Connecting them with you is just the beginning!

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THOUSANDS of career services can be found online and business is more competitive than ever. Be seen and heard in a saturated market.

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  • Promote Your Expertise as a Career Coaching Industry Expert
    • * Highlight your knowledge and expertise in the career coaching industry and how you help your clients move forward in their job search in your member profile. An excellent opportunity to fill them in on how you can be a solution to the challenges they’re facing and the results they can get from working with you.
    • * Establish your credibility, reputation, and trustworthiness as a career coaching expert, building the “know, like, and trust” factor with your target audience.
    • * Unlimited opportunities to share your career articles with thousands of job seekers reading our posted member articles.
    • * Articles are SEO optimized to rank high with search engines and drive traffic to your article posts. We focus on keywords aligned with your content and searches of your target audience without keyword stuffing.
    • * Career articles draw in more than 85% of our organic website traffic! Meaning, job seeking readers also get immediate access to your Profile with each article submission.
  • Bring Your Online Presence to Life
    • * Your Member Profile includes a personalized audio welcome message—allowing you to speak to job seekers viewing your profile and personally sharing what you bring to the table as an industry expert and how you’re able to help them down the path to career success.
    • * Include a welcome video and your YouTube channel in your Member Profile to support building your brand online.

Are you a certified coach and writer?

We offer a special rate to be included in both databases! Just select Career Coach + Resume Writer when requesting to join.

The TCE Difference

Membership within our vibrant network is not for just any career service professional. TCE is for career coaches and resume writers who are serious about doing what it takes to put themselves out there to take their business to the next level. We are …

  • PASSIONATE. With our expert guidance, our members can affordably and reliably grow and market their businesses while establishing and building their brand as a career expert.
  • CONNECTED. The vast reach of our online resources draws in interested job seekers, who in turn become qualified client leads.
  • SELECTIVE. We only allow verified certified career service professionals into our exclusive membership network.

Few people outside the industry understand the value of working with a certified career service professional—in fact, many don’t even know that such a thing exists! We built The Career Experts with the following goals in mind:

  • To connect individuals seeking professional career services with credentialed coaches and resume writers
  • To provide vast opportunities for certified coaches and writers to demonstrate their industry expertise
  • To offer job seekers expert-level career advice via resources from our highly skilled network of career service professionals
  • To educate the public about the career service industry as a whole

Career Coach Certifications

Member coaches are certified by one of these coaching organizations.