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Sharon Good

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11 Jun, 2018

Making Money While You Create

Very often, while we’re building our creative careers, we have to find other ways of making money. We may fall into jobs we began in high school or college, developing additional skills and getting better positions. Computers have opened up a myriad of well-paying jobs that you don’t have to “take home” with you and […]

19 Mar, 2018

Creative Job Hunting

In the old days, looking for a job meant searching the classifieds or contacting an employment agency, hoping to squeeze yourself into a prescribed slot. You acquired skills to suit the job. But the new way of job hunting is to create a job that suits you. A job that fits *your* skills. One way to […]

7 Jul, 2016

Working Within Limitations

While we all dream of having ultimate freedom to be and do anything and everything we want, the hard truth of the matter is that we all face some limitations, large or small. Limitations may be things you’ve dealt with all your life, or they may come upon you suddenly through an accident or change […]

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