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Georgia Adamson

About: Georgia Adamson

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Recent Posts by Georgia Adamson

1 Apr, 2019

Are Resumes Dead or Dying? Is Yours?

Search online for phrases such as “resumes are dead,” and you’ll find a long list of links related to this topic. The subject of resumes and their relevance—or lack thereof—stirs up fear, anxiety, discouragement, and other negative reactions among job seekers. This raises more than one question, however, and if you’re considering a job search, […]

2 Jul, 2018

Resume Tip: Put Your “Money” Where Your “Mouth” Is

You could create your resume so that it’s filled with impressive-sounding words. For example: “Highly skilled, resourceful manager with exceptional leadership skills and proven ability to solve complex problems.” What’s wrong with that? Meaningless, often generalized, wording tends to put readers to sleep! Why does the above statement fall flat? It doesn’t actually say much when […]