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6 MUST-DOs In Business

  • Establish credibility and trustworthiness as a career coaching or resume writing expert.
  • Get job seekers to know, like, and trust you. Share what you know and what makes you an industry expert—stay top-of-mind and be the “go-to” for job seekers when it comes to solving job search problems.
  • Make marketing a priority. It’s critical for business and plays a major role when it comes to increasing your online visibility and brand awareness.
  • Personally connect with your audience and followers. Building relationships and sending a clear message that you know about the challenges they’re facing and understand how frustrating the job process can be is how connect and build TRUST with your audience.
  • Distinct Yourself. You’re competing with THOUSANDS of other career coaching and resume writing services—make it a no-brainer when it comes time for job seekers to decide who they’re going to work with on their project.
  • Have a support system. Running your own business has its challenges and can be a lonely road. You support your clients and we support YOU.


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