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Why a Career Coach?

9 Feb, 2012

Why a Career Coach?

The reason individuals consider job counseling or career coaching vary from individual to individual. Sometimes it is purely for career transition. Sometimes it is for personal lifestyle and sometimes it is for a combination of the two areas.

Major industry, companies and organizations have found the need to support succession planning by assessing key contributors or managers utilizing a career coach. This coaching is about individual planning, goal setting, and achievement. It’s also about personal discovery and enlightenment. It is about realizing one’s full potential either within or outside their company, which in turn, benefits the entire organization.

A coach can help find the passion lost in chosen careers or find the courage to move into a new career. The entire process – from exploring possibilities, to the moment of discovery and finally, implementing the plan – is very rewarding for the client and the coach. Success is based on honesty, self-evaluation, goals and an action plan.

With proper guidance new interests and options can be revealed and explored. Today’s career coaching enables individuals to discover their own answers; and this self-discovery is what breathes life and power into the decision-making process to direct individuals on new career and life paths.

Mike Aquino

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