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Resume Problem: How to List Freelance Jobs?

10 Feb, 2012

Resume Problem: How to List Freelance Jobs?

A recent question on LinkedIn came from a freelancer who was worried about detailing his multiple jobs on his resume. Would the list make him look like a job hopper?

Freelancing is an honorable employment status and should be treated that way. You are self-employed. Organize your freelance career under one “Freelance” heading, just like employees who work for a company organize all of their achievements, roles and projects under the company’s name.

The same rule applies if you freelance while holding a full-time job. Treat your freelancing as a separate “company” that you work for year after year (the same way that you work for your full-time job year after year). If you alternate individual freelance assignments with full-time jobs on your resume, you’ll confuse employers into thinking that every new freelance job is a change in employment. Instead, keep all the freelance assignments together under one heading and no one will be confused.

You can pick and choose the freelance assignments that you list. You want to concentrate on the ones that make you the most desirable candidate for the job you want now.

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