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FACT: A long and drawn out job search or being passed over for a position that has your name on it could be costing you thousands of dollars in lost salary.

For every week that goes by and the longer your job search takes, earning a higher salary is being missed.


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      • Did you unexpectedly lose your job and don’t know where to begin?
      • Are you’re not seeing results from your resume and you don’t know why?
      • Do you want to change fields but not sure which field?
      • Do you want to build a valuable job search network, but don’t know how?
      • Do you need to update your resume and don’t know what should be included or excluded?
      • Do you need help transitioning from a military career to civilian career but not sure how to do it?
      • Has it been years since you’ve written a resume and you don’t know how to sell yourself on paper to attract attention of employers?
      • Do you have problems interviewing well and want to learn how to ace them?
      • Do you need help when it comes to negotiating your salary?
      • Do you want more control of your current job situation?
      • Do you want to strengthen your leadership and management skills?
      • Do you have a unique situation and want career expert advice before moving forward?

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